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Here Technologies

HERE Technologies is a leading global provider of location data and services, backed by Audi, Bosch, BMW, Continental, Daimler, Intel and Pioneer.


Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware


We're a passionate team dedicated to health and fitness who are building products that help transform people's lives. While health can be serious business, we feel it doesn't have to be. We believe you're more likely to reach your goals if you're encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered along the way.

KPMG Romania

KPMG in Romania’s brings entrepreneurs a unique blend of global experience and local expertise, helping early start-ups understand and identify opportunities to scale globally, with financing, and boundary-less strategies. Our mentorship program will help them create sustainable value through technology, innovation, and creativity, forging a path to the knowledge and skills that bring future business leaders in a better position to succeed

Orange Romania

Orange supports entrepreneurs through the Orange Fab accelerator with access to the newest technologies, on-demand mentoring and access to Orange’s national and international clients. We aim to develop win-win business partnerships, by taking no-equity and covering costs for client pilot projects and relevant product enhancements. Our end goal is to bring to market powerful products that improve our clients' lives and the way they do business.


The index of digital economies position Romania on the last places in Europe: digital literacy, technology and entrepreneurship. Our answer? We created the BCR-InnovX Business Accelerator for the entrepreneurs who dream big, for those who have confidence in themselves and for those who wish to change the world through technology.

Applications Studio

Applications Studio - or short Apps - is an easy-to-use visual tool


Learn the abilities and skills of the future, using innovative learning methods. For companies, you can order and personalize a personal learning program for your employees. In academies, your future employees will learn the minimum necessary in order to work at your company.


The Gustos.Life platform bring together premium quality wine producers. Being listed on Gustos.Life platform, your wines will become part of the global wine investment catalog and draw the attention of a large number of international wine investors and collectors.


Transforming production processes with human driven data.
Real time production planning & efficiency tracking system. Octavic provides flexible Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturing challenges in industries like pharma, FMCG, automotive, construction materials & more.


Customer Success Software for SaaS
It helps you reduce churn, retain customers and grow revenue. With Custify you ensure product adoption and reduce churn, understand your customer lifecycle and identify upsell opportunities to expand.


Smart shopping app ready to disrupt the credit card industry
Beez is a platform through which you save money from the online shopping you make anyway. It creates healthy financial habits based on the "save more for tomorrow" principle.


Find the right tenant or the right apartment! Milluu is a Home Renting App that helps you rent away fast and smart. All on your phone. Reduced & equal costs. Your apartment gets rented & insured. Your rent only starts with signing.


The Game Design Tool
Machinations is the browser-based platform to design, balance and simulate game systems. It combines a standardized design language (UML) with the power-features you need to build complex systems. Some of the best game designers, developers and academia all over the World use Machinations in their day to day work.


Marketplace and booking solution for medical appointments. With Docbook you have access to the registered doctors' schedule and can instantly book your appointment. You can find them by their names, place, specialization, prefered appointment date and payment method. It also integrates with the existing IT systems of partner clinics.


Revolutionizing Cancer Care
OncoChain improves the quality of medical care for oncologic patients by creating a framework to facilitate the provision of patient-centered health services. It's a solution for the clinical management of patients, including a platform for centralizing, reporting and managing medical information, generating data that can be used in clinical trials.


Solutions for Chargepoint & Shared Mobility Operators Ampeco enables Charge Point and Shared Mobility operators to efficiently launch and grow their business through:
AMPECO.CHARGE - a comprehensive white label software suite for charge point operators,
AMPECO.MOVE - telematics & software platform for for shared mobility operators.


Everything you need for an easy and careless pregnancy. Medical marketplace and insurance for mothers. Femyo was born out of the desire to reduce to half the at-birth and infant mortality in Europe. It gives future mothers access to specialist doctors and provide all the support they need to deliver healthy babies.


Matchmaking app for bands. A faster way to find new fans. Banding is a matchmaking app for Bands & DJ's to build their international fanbase. Get your music heard, exchange gigs to find new fans.


Empowering Decentralization
SWAZM is an innovative decentralized architecture tailor-made to enable the horizontal scaling of distributed applications (DApps) into mainstream usage.  Businesses and developers now have the flexibility to enhance their applications with new features, or to deploy fixes on the fly, while also managing the access to specific areas of the development ecosystem.

Evarvest UAB

We are making investing as simple as having a smartphone and a good WiFi!
Evarvest unites the world’s stock exchanges, making it simple to invest in the brands you know, love and trust, commission free. The app solution is the first ‘Spotify-style’ trading solution uniting the world's stock exchanges and enhancing the social aspect of investing.


Fast, Easy, and Affordable no-code flows to train and deploy State of the Art AI models.


Automation through Machine Vision
Neurolabs offers a complete Machine Vision pipeline, customisable for client's needs, in 3 easy steps: scan, detect, checkout. Among applications are automatic checkout solutions and on-shelf availability.

The Littery

When litter hits the bins - everybody wins!
The Littery uses a game-changing incentive based business model to reward people who sort litter and recyclables correctly with e-lottery tickets giving them the chance to win cash prizes and the monthly lottery jackpot! The Littery solves the problem of waste management by using IoT and Computer vision to turn litter into lottery tickets and motivate the citizens to keep their cities clean by themselves.


Industry agnostic Crunchbase
Never spend time prospecting again. Ever. Find targeted lists of businesses for your personalised outreach. Describe your ideal customer and get thousands of prospects matching the description.


Customer marketing. Like never before.
Relevon is an email-focused customer marketing platform. It platform enables ecommerce businesses to engage and convert customers at scale. It changes the way businesses use email marketing to generate revenue online.


Online price monitoring and reporting tool for small to large online retailers. PriceFlux helps eCommerce businesses to better track, analyze pricing data and reprice products, in accordance with market strategy and business objectives.


With Flixier you experience the fastest video editing workflow. It offers 1 minute exports on any device, advanced video editing features, streamlined collaboration, and plenty of cloud storage – all in the browser. Avoid frustrations caused by slow and unresponsive computers, just focus on the work you love.

I'm Fine

The easiest way to get help for depression I'm Fine enables you to learn more about your condition, offers solutions personalized for your problems and connects you to the appropriate therapist when you feel ready to take that step.


sPark is a smart parking management solution that optimizes parking and reduces pollution. You mount the cameras and your parking lot is already in the cloud. It analyzes human behaviour and learns where your customers park their cars. Your clients have real-time access to the parking lot availability

Exposure VR

Prepare your best speech faster than ever before!
Exposure VR uses Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy as an alternative solution to treat phobias. It’s a solution oriented on the fear of public speaking, designed to be accessible for everyone. Creates a personalized experience with more usage.


We connect users with delicious food from restaurants that has a discount.
One third of all the food that it’s produced worldwide it’s being wasted. Our goal is to fight food waste through consumption optimization.


Omniconvert is a conversion rate optimization platform which allows marketers to deploy A/B tests, surveys and personalization experiments with minimum help from the IT.


Orange Pavilion
Acquainted brings forward the digital business card which can be exchanged instantly, updated automatically, indexed flawlessly and shared with the company without any work. Say hello to the future of contacts.


Orange Pavilion
Siscale is a systems integrator leading AIOps adoption with a team of professionals with long and varied experience in the IT & Telecom market for the past 20 years focusing on planning, designing and implementing data ingestion and processing pipelines for various industries use cases.


Orange Pavilion
Simple. Complete. Performant. Blugento is an eCommerce solution, ultra-performant that offers to the entrepreneurs the opportunity to open an online shop by using the most modern and performant platform of electronic commerce from Romania, with a super accessible price.


Orange Pavilion
Powerful Penetration Testing Tools, Easy to Use. Online tools for cyber security assessments. It allows you to quickly discover and report vulnerabilities in websites and network infrastructures. Pentest Tools provides a set of powerful and tightly integrated pentesting tools which enable you to perform easier, faster and more effective pentest engagements.


Orange Pavilion
Industry 4.0 technology vendor, focused on releasing products for energy & utilities verticals.Addressing multiple use cases (factories, retail, buildings, smart city, grid, telco) and being globally scalable, product covers green field, retrofit or hybrid infrastructure set-ups, targeting CAPEX & OPEX decrease.

Product Lead

Orange Pavilion
ProductLead is an innovative startup from Romania that offers smart martech solutions to complete social media strategies. Marketers can now increase their conversion rates and release the maximum potential of all social channels by leveraging smart analytics, content that users create on social media, inspirational imagery, and omnichannel solutions.


AI systems for real-time video analysis
SecurifAI automatically detects abnormal events by learning a model of normal events from training video. The solution is incorporated with state-of-the-art AI technology such as deep learning, with results supported by scientific publications.


Your sales, now easier
easySales combines the business automation of selling processes with digital technology in one fast cloud-based system. It manages all sales generated from online stores and marketplaces in one platform, while ensuring connectivity with invoice software and courier companies to run your business smart and smooth.

3PM Digital Masters

BCR Pavilion
3PM is a Blended Learning app = in-class training + mobile micro-learning, to increase training’s efficiency (ROI*) with up to 500%. (*) ROI = people apply at job what they learn at the training, in the long run, not only in the first two days after To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash


BCR Pavilion
Credo is the world's first truly passwordless authentication system. No passwords, no usernames, nothing to forget, and completely secure. Credo brings zero typing authentication to every system, regardless of the platform.


Toys & Games Subscription Service A toy library or a Netflix for toys.
Evertoys provides toys, games and books subscription service. The customers subscribe and rent toys and books. Parents can order a new crate whenever they want. The "old" toy crate and the new one are exchanged via courier, nation wide.


BCR Pavilion
Industry 4.0 technology vendor, focused on releasing products for energy & utilities verticals.Addressing multiple use cases (factories, retail, buildings, smart city, grid, telco) and being globally scalable, product covers green field, retrofit or hybrid infrastructure set-ups, targeting CAPEX & OPEX decrease.


BCR Pavilion
indexAR is a SaaS, more precisely an app and a web platform through which any creator of visual content (companies, advertisers, designers) can become the Author of an experience in Augmented Reality, in a few minutes, delivering it to his Audience through an app free mobile phone.


BCR Pavilion
Enterprise platform for building omnichannel Romanian speaking virtual assistants with voice and text support, powered by the proprietary NLP engine. Already trained, a 24/7 employee that interconnects with existing APIs or RPA bots in order to achieve more.

Sigtree Technologies

BCR Pavilion
Sigtree DoT Platform integrates IoT Devices with dedicated professional communities as it automates processes for Facility and Property Management, through triggered routines and chatbots that share information and execute commands in human controlled chat-rooms

Nifty Learning

KPMG Pavilion
Nifty Learning helps companies manage training efficiently. We digitise manual work, speed up decision making and give back control over training budgets. Training management processes that take months or an entire year are completed across the business in real time and with instant data analysis.


KPMG Pavilion
Play your way to a killer job! Online recruiting platform based on gamification. Jobful gives you the tools and the space to develop your career. Start by building your profile. Complete quizes and challenges. Earn points and badges. Choose companies that match your profile.


A virtual-try on tool for glasses
Glasskoo is an e-commerce tool that shows users how their glasses are fitting online. Our tool is created for targeted glasses e-commerce and fashion companies in order to help them increased their conversion rate for undecided users and offer a more personalized shopping experience for their users.


YOUR growth through learning
The platform that brings together the community of facilitated learning providers, so you can easily find the best programs to develop your Soft skills, Hard skills or After-work interests.

Hire up

Hire up is a Peer-to-Peer recruitment platform that rewards successful referrals.
It help companies reach their hiring targets, in a highly competitive talent market, by connecting them with referrals from a whole community and not just from their own employees. On Hire up, candidates don’t apply to jobs, instead, they are recommended by people in their network to the opportunities that fit them best.


Marketing tool as a game
InfoQuest is a mobile app that helps to increase the number of sales and keeps customers loyal by making them familiar with the location, products and even with the employees.


CleverEver is a game designed to develop social-emotional learning and increase pupil's collaboration. It uses stories, cognitive processes, and informal content to help kids learn faster.


Transform your dream photo into memorable trips.
With Framey you get inspiration, make travel plans, find cool spots nearby, take beautiful photos and share all these beautiful moments with their friends. Everything starting with just one picture.

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