Founder & CEO @ Deepstash

Product specialist and serial founder (UberVu, exited to Hootsuite)

Passionately building and growing impactful products

In 2009, Vladimir co-founded uberVU, one of the first all-in-one social media services in the world. 5 years later, his company was purchased by the worlds’ social media services leader, Hootsuite.

During his career, Vladimir has worn many hats: product manager, technology chief, marketing person. This has enabled him to lead uberVU through various stages of growth, from the early days when the company was just an idea, to international expansion.

Vladimir is a serial entrepreneur who loves to build useful products and likes to get involved with many early-stage startups around the world, as proven by his advisory role in many international startups and by his numerous startup conference speaking engagements.

Currently, he’s the CEO of Deepstash, a knowledge platform that delivers expertly curated and bite-sized ideas from any online article or source, on any device.

This autumn at How to Web 2019, Vladimir will share his product best practices. We will talk about hacks and why they don’t work, how product building can become a habit, and why technology must follow the UI.

Meet Vladimir Oane at How to Web!

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